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Songs Of The Cows Songs Of The Cows, a seven tune, 35 minute EP, was released by Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings on February 20, 1996. Check out excerpts of every track plus one entire track.
--> Go There
A Glorious Lethal Euphoria Studio photos with illuminating captions (ooh!) and (what was) a sneak preview of a track off of the album, With No Definite Future Other Than To Prevail Somehow.
--> Go There
Food For Other Fish The song from this album, Raglan was the first Mermen tune to hit the 'net back in 93/94 (first on IUMA).

Listen to Raglan (4:15) ---
Full song: Stereo MP2-4MB, Mono MP2-3MB
Excerpt: RealAudio, MP2-121k, AU-121k
Live Recordings As the band support tapers, there are a lot of live recordings of the band out there. The Mermen played the first IUMAFest and here is a version of The Whales from that performance.

Listen to The Whales (live at IUMAFest) (5:00) ---
Full song: RealAudio, Stereo MP2-7.5MB, Mono MP2- 3.8MB
Excerpt: RealAudio, MP2-192k, AU-128k

MediaCast has also produced many live Internet broadcasts of The Mermen, the following of which have audio archives available:

May 25, '96 @ KFJC
Oct. 21, '95 @ Great American Music Hall

Video clips

[Jim, Insane] [Mermen @ Making Waves '95] [Allen, Insane]
Jim Thomas (Martyn in background)
918k QuickTime or RealVideo
Mermen at Making Waves '95 in SF
9.5 MB QuickTime or RealVideo
Allen Whitman
866k QuickTime or RealVideo

More QuickTime video clips are available from the MediaCast pages for the live broadcast from The Great American Music Hall.

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