The Mermen
Sneak Preview

This was a special SNEAK PREVIEW of the Mermen studio album, A Glorious Lethal Euphoria (Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings).

With No Definite Future And No Purpose Other Than To Prevail Somehow
(4min 30sec)

Full song: Stereo MPEG (6.5MB), Mono MPEG (3.2MB), Mono AU (2.1MB), RealAudio (28.8k)
15 sec excerpt: MPEG (190k), AU (126k), RealAudio (28.8k)

Photos from the studio...

[Allen Whitman]

Allen the bass-player is the most boring member of The Mermen.

Somebody has to do it.

[Martyn Jones]

Martyn at his kit. This (un-retouched) photo leaves no doubt that the drummer for The Mermen likes children.

[Jim Thomas]
Jim. When traveling, The Mermen carry with them a special dumpster on wheels that is rigged for basic life-support and enables Jim to conduct all manner of alarming experiments in privacy, thereby allowing the band and crew some peace and quiet. This experiment was successful!

This is Tardon with Sam, one of the two iguanas (the other is named Dina) that live in a glassed-in room at Mr. Toad's Recording in San Francisco. Tardon is a nice man. He is helping The Mermen to record a new studio album that will be out sometime in March of 1995! He is a very good negotiator.
More info on Mr. Toad's

[Ron Donovan]

This is Ron Donovan of Team Drunk Productions. See Ron point and click. Point, Ron, point. Click, Ron, click. Ron is very stoned. How else could he turn out so much fantastically gorgeous poster and cover-art for The Mermen?

More info on Team Drunk Productions

[John Karr]
This is John Karr, live sound engineer and studio recordist for The Mermen. It's hard to imagine what could have made John so angry as to want to flip us off. Is it because we are so obnoxious in the studio and at live shows that he just wants to get a piece of the action?

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