Mr. Toad's Recording

135 Bluxome St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 777-3442

Mr. Toad's is a 32 track automated recording facility located in the heart of San Francisco. Our 7000 square foot studio has 14 foot ceilings and a panoramic view of the city ( The view doesn't contribute alot to the sound of the recording... we just like it ). We have a marble/glass/mahogany drum chamber monstrosity that does contribute alot though. The main room is 1200 square feet, and we also have long halls and other acoustic anomalies. It seems like every day we get another piece of cool gear. We've got killer mic's, tube gear, EQ, etc. There are two of us here engineering/producing, Tardon and Jeff. We have manufacturing for vinyl, compact disc and cassette, and we do mastering as well.

This year we started our own label (Toadophile) and released a monster album by those loveable curmudgeons, The Mermen. Coming soon are new releases by the Grady Sisters and Radio Noise , and hopefully an album by Peter Apfelbaum. We especially like that we're doing all phases of the projects ourselves, including the promotions(with distribution through Caroline).

If you'd like to come see the place give us a call at 415-777-3442. If you'd like a demo and a brochure let us know. You can email us at Thanks!