KRILL SLIPPIN' - (Beach Recordings, no number) independent release of first Mermen album, circa 1989. Tracks: Ocean Beach, Krill Slippin', Neptune's Revenge, Splashin' with the Mermaid, Kaena, Over the Falls, Run Don't Walk, Sand, The Drift, Big Day at the Bay, Hammerhead, Abalone Daze, Soul Surfin', The Whales, By the Sea I Will Stay Forever, Goodbye.

FOOD FOR OTHER FISH - (Kelptone, 00001)(also briefly released as: Spirit Records, SMI702CD) independent release (with the help of New Albion Records) circa 1994. Tracks: Be My Noir, The Elephant Song, Raglan, My Black Bag, Honeybomb, Bondage of the Sea, Ocean Beach, Madagascar, Into the West, The Drift, Pull of the Moon, Dancing in Her Sleep.

LIVE AT THE HAUNTED HOUSE - (Shittone Records/Spirit Records, SMI207CD) Compilation of live radio broadcasts from KFJC-FM between 1991 and 1994, assembled, mixed, mastered and produced by Phil Dirt and "Uncle Al" Kossow. Tracks: Pull of the Moon, Honeybomb, Krill Slippin', Casbah, Into the West, Be My Noir, My Black Bag, Gulch of Spleens, Quiet Surf, The Whales Are Coming and Boy Are They Pissed, The Unknown, Splashing with the Mermaid, Penetration, Slo Mo HVO.

A GLORIOUS LETHAL EUPHORIA - (Mesa Recordings, 92634)(also released as: Toadophile Records, TDP 1010) 1995 release with song titles re-arranged by Mesa. Tracks: Pulpin' Line, With No Definite Future and No Purpose Other than to Prevail Somehow..., The Drowning Man Knows His God, Scalp Salad, Obsession For Men, Blue Xoam, Under the Kou Tree, Lizards, Quo me cunque rapit tempestas deforor hospes, The Drub, The Intractable Boy, Between I and Thou, And The Flowers They'll Bloom, Brahms 3rd Movement-3rd Symphony.

SONGS OF THE COWS - (Mesa Recordings, 2-92685) EP length CD, released in early 1996. Tracks: The Curve, Slipping the Glimpse, Varykino Snow, A Heart With Paper Walls, Meandher, Brain Wash(incl: What Am I Always Waiting For?, A Kiss, Rumination, I of the Moo.)

BUMSTOCK '95 - (OCB0010-2) Annual University of Maine music festival compilation CD. "Honeybomb" listed as: "Only For Lovers."

SUMMER SURF - (KFJC001CD) Compilation CD benefitting KFJC-FM assembled by Phil Dirt. "My Black Bag", "Under The Kou Tree", "Soul Surfin'", "Scalp Salad", "Madagascar."

INSTRO NATION - (Orange Records, ORA1007) Japanese import surf compilation CD. Track used: "Raglan."

COWABUNGA SURF - (Rhino Records, R2 72418) 4CD boxset of surf music. Track used: "Honeybomb(live)."

GRUNGE 101% - (Victor Entertainment, VICP 5486) Japanese import compilation of San Francisco bands, circa 1994. Track used: "Ocean Beach."

GRUNGE 102% - (Victor Entertainment, VICP 5487) Japanese import compilation of San Francisco bands, circa 1994. Track used: "My Black Bag."

BEYOND THE BEACH - (Upstart Records, CD012) Compilation of surf bands. Track used: "Ocean Beach."

GERM'S CHOICE '94 - (911 Records, 001) Compilation of unsigned bands featured on Germ's radio show, KUSF-FM, San Francisco. Track used: "My Black Bag."

VIRTUALLY ALTERNATIVE 56 - (virtually alternative, 56) 2CD music industry promo item. Track used: "Pulpin' Line."

BLAZING LONGBOARDS - (Mesa Recordings, 2-92599) Music from the film. Tracks used: "Honeybomb", "Be My Noir", "Ocean Beach."

PLANET SURF - (Tri-Surf Records, TR102CD) Surf compilation CD. Tracks used: "Ocean Beach", "The Whales."

also noteworthy:

THE ENDLESS SUMMER/The Sandals - (Tri-Surf Records, TR101C) Rerecording of the original classic with Allen Whitman playing bass with John Blakely and the Georis Brothers, founding members of The Sandals.


KRILL SLIPPIN' - two versions exist, the first with a color polaroid cover and rather different song titles; the second with the more familiar titles in the current song order.

MERMEN/LIVE (plus some previously unreleased trash) (also sold as: Lost in Fritzstock) - party in Petaluma, pre-distortion days. Tracks: Jack the Ripper, Why the Iranians Hate Us(Casbah), Hamms Beer Song(Quiet Surf), Black Mountain Rag, Hammerhead, Drivin' the Cow(Krill Slippin' session track), Madagascar(studio session track with girlvox), Neptune's Revenge, The Whales Are Coming and Boy Are They Pissed.

KFJC "LIVE" PART ONE - compilation of live studio stuff. Tracks: Honeybomb, Bondage of the Sea, The Elephant Song, Krill Slippin', Pull of the Moon, The Drift, Raglan, My Black Bag, Gulch of Spleens, Ocean Beach, Splashing with the Mermaid, Ali Baba, Quiet Surf, Medfly Dance, Madagascar, The Bumblebee, Penetration, The Unknown, Black Mountain Rag, Jack the Ripper, Hammerhead, Abalone Daze, Drivin' the Cow.

KFJC "LIVE" PART TWO - compilation of live studio stuff. Tracks: Casbah, Raglan, Hammerhead, Into the West, Be My Noir, My Black Bag, Somewhere, The Elephant Song, Madagascar, Scalp Salad, Pull of the Moon, Quiet Surf, Neptunes Revenge, Kneel Young, Honeybomb.

THE MATT KORA TAPES - compilation of live recordings in the field by surf Archivist Extraordinare: Matt Kora. Tracks: Casbah, The Drift, Pull of the Moon, My Black Bag, Honeybomb, Jim's Schmeltbreath, The Whales, Soul Surfin', Madagascar, Jack the Ripper, The Whales(again!), My Black Bag(again!), Between I and Thou, Goodbye, Under the Kou Tree.

THE MERMEN SING MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU - Tracks: Carol of the Bells(trad.), To Skate With You(Jim Thomas), Happy Xmas(John Lennon), Silent Night(trad.)

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