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Oakland, California 94602
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Greetings from The Mermen!

Thanks for taking a listen. And it's totally great to get messages and comments, it makes us happy. Right now there are five albums available. All of the albums are orderable via postal mail, at our shows, or at your local record store. Here's the facts:

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Food For Other Fish
65 mins, 12 songs. recorded late 1993, released March 1st, 1994 $15

Live At The Haunted House
72 mins, 13 songs. a compilation of live radio broadcasts on Phil Dirt's program on KFJC-FM, released Febuary 1st, 1995 $15

A Glorious Lethal Euphoria
74 mins, 14 songs. Mermen's first studio album. Released May 1, 1995. $15

Krill Slippin'
65 mins, 16 songs. Mermen's first album ever from winter 1989. Re-released on CD for the first time July 1, 1995. $15

Songs of the Cows
34 mins, 7 songs. Mermen's EP released on February 21, 1996. Blue vinyl and CD. $10

All prices include shipping and handling

T-shirts are available at shows.

Please make any check out to: "The Mermen", and send to the address above. So, anyway, that's the skinny on what we got. Thanks again for contacting us.

For heaven's sake come to a show... we'll give you some earplugs!