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After seeing your gig with Dick Dale at NAMM there are a whole bunch of us from DigiTech, DOD and dbx (all located in SLC) that want another Mermen fix. The Shittone records T-Shirt is a big hit here. One of the preformers at the NAMM show in the DigiTech booth, after seeing your show proudly wore the T-Shirt the next day. E-Mail me if there is any update and I will let everyone know. Thanks, Jim Pennock Director of Engineering, DigiTech

I just wanted to point out this great piece of poetry I found in Allen Whitman's Mermen tour diary: "At sunset we pass the VLA (Very Large Array) of radio telescope dishes arranged along two axes for deep space study. We are living in fear of becoming like Jim." There's apparently a guy in the band named Jim, but the poem is a lot better if you ignore that. I have never heard the Mermen. They must be good. Or at least interesting. lunch: still sitting there

hey i just saw your show in gainesville feb 6....i liked it mucho -- i think you should come back soon to finish off and play a couple hours of music. keep me informed of whatever is up with you... - owen

I'm glad other American citizens can enjoy the Mermen this winter. My only regret is that we in the Bay Area will have to wait until the end of March, at least, before we can see another live 'men show. Here is a list of some of the musical high points of 1995 for me: 1. The Mermen, June 9, The Fillmore (oh yeah, Morphine and The Dirty Three were pretty cool, too) 2. The Mermen, June 21, Market Street ("Making Waves" festival: 2d-best venue) 3. The Mermen, Sept. 3 , Burning Man '95 (best venue) 4. The Mermen, Dec. 16, Foothill College (KFJC's "Humunga Cowabunga") Now get some sleep, MZ
Hi. I dig your sound and you are a big help in my guitar-playing. If you can send me any free stuff and/or tour dates, please do. Thank you. - Steve Michael

"Now, in 1996, a new force in rock has come along with the potential to equal the lofty heights attained by their instrumental forefathers--San Francisco's The Mermen.With guitar tons as aggressivly noisy as th times we live in...","...the mermen's music isn't bound by the somewhat limited boundries of the genre. Instead ,the use surf as a starting reference before heading out in an exploration of dense, expansive guitar work that gives the band a much larger sound than woulld be expected from a guitar/bass/drum trio." "...this live performance at Dobbs could very well be one of the highlights of 1996." (Phila. Weekly.,2/7/96)

hello, listened to "Glorious, Lethal," last night, and have to listen again tonight. i'm ready. -Bill

Hurray, the Eagle has landed and just in time!! I'll be catching you guys at the Bayou in Washington DC Saturday night. When I was visiting in November I got turned me on to your music, AND IT'S HOT!!!! I'm an old hippy from the revolution, so you can imagine my joy in hearing excellent orbit music again. I'm really looking forward to THE MERMEN! Adios for now and goodluck!! - Gwendolyn P. Hammer

Topic: Praise comment: Hey Guys! I saw your show this past Saturday night at Churchill's Hideaway in Miami. And I was really knocked out by you guys, thought you were fantastic!! I hadn't heard your music, but went on the recommendation of a few people -- and I'm glad I did! Some of the most inventive instrumental R & R I've heard in my 40-some years. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I sure hope you make Miami a stop in your subsequent travels. Thanks for a great time, Todd

Topic: Praise comment: thank god for once we don't have to listen to stupid lyrics


I called O'kayz and the show is a 21+. Really, thank you. It's really great that a band with national noteriety can look out for its fans (the pesky underage computer ones, too!). - Todd

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your show here in Dallas last week. I had a great time (as usual) and look forward to seeing you at SXSW in March. I'm not part of the music Biz, I just like good music. See you soon, Charles Suqi

Just a little thank you note to you guys for all your warmth, generosity and sound help (thanks to Roz) We hope that the Miami gig was a success for you. It certainly gives us something to be proud of, since it wasn't a disaster despite the fact that Miami burned as the Mermen played. The next night the band played it's Surfing Sunday gig to three people who got Cat 5 with lingering Mermen vibes on the stage. I never so those guys so ferocious musically. Hope it continues to rub off. Before seeing the band, I put the Mermen at the outer edge of the surf galaxy, now I realise you are in the center of an instro revolution that transcends any genre. The band represents what rock instrumental music can accomplish. Like you said, It's only a rock and roll band, but your music occupies a collective head space that has been vacant for quite a while. Thanks for coming down, and regards to band and crew. - Gregg

Howdy, I was out in San Francisco recently and heard your music. I bought a couple of CDs and hoave really been happy. One of my friends just informed me that you guys are touring. I live in Baltimore Maryland, and also near to Washington, DC and possibly Philadelphia. Let me know if you will be at any clubs in these areas. Thanks. G.

Ok, I'm starting to shake. My friends and myself all unconditionally agree that it has been way too long since we have seen you guys live. Any hints on where you are -- or will be next? Appreciated, - The Oceans

I hope you're peeling back layers of encrusted consciousness for your audiences across the u.s.a. - eric ehn

Your music changed my life and makes it better every time I hear you. - wabbott

2/8/96 The Mermen have long since left the building but a strange vibe still hangs over Miami. Their eagerly awaited gig at Churchill's last Saturday (Feb 3) could not have more intense. A huge fire raged a few short blocks from the bar, right before they went on. Outside the bar, NE 2nd Ave. was filled with smoke and the street was cordoned off. Fire truck gumballs made the inside of the bar glow, as everybody savored the taste and smell of burnt wood. Undeterred, the Mermen played for at least an hour and a half. I couldn't say for sure. It's said about many bands, you have to see them live and it is particularly true in the case of the Mermen. As a surf music fan, I find myself trying to define them in terms of the genre, either in or out. When you see them, that masterbatory exercise becomes unnecessary. As Allen said afterwards, "It's only a rock and roll band." Yeah, buddy. These boys plowed a mighty wide furrow into the future. Before the show, Category 5 and myself got to hang around and talk to the Mermen and Roz, their sound guy. Kevin the Cat 5 drummer and I arrived a little after six for their sound check. The Mermen took the stage and Kevin and I and Mark the bartender witnessed something that indeed made us feel priveleged. The Mermen actually began composing and jamming on a new song they had been working on for the last couple days. To see first hand the fierce interplay of the three drove home just how good they all were. Jim manically drove the lead as Allen lunged into the mix and Martyn found the mark. We saw how things get done. Don't waste a second. Go for it. My thrill was when Jim passed his Red Strat around to a few people to examine this instrument of beautiful destruction. It looked like somebody tossed it out of the space shuttle and it went through the Strat-o-sphere without a heat shield. Scott the rythmn for Cat 5 got his Strat signed by Jim. He hasn't played the same since.... In short, everybody had a great time, I think, and Miami revealed that at least on this one occasion it didn't suck, it surfed (cosmically speaking of course.) The Mermen had a looseness and generosity that was contagious. They said for Cat 5 to play as long as they wished, but frankly the band did its half hour and wanted to get off and get settled for the Mermen show. The Beast of Beast and Baker was there and introduced the Mermen and Allen credited him with getting them down to Miami. Beast brough Stephan Mikes, a sitar player who did a little set and played on the Mermen's encore. "I couldn't help it," he said. People were moshing (sort of) slow dancing, Woodstock good-drugs dancing, bopping or just plain smiling ear to ear. I know I'm preaching to the choir about the Mermen to this group but if you haven't seen them, you know you must. - Gregg

Loved the Humunga Cowabunga show. Thanks! Carol

Well I finally saw the Mermen and the experience was nothing short of transcendental. I will report on the whole gig in a Cowabunga post but I'll just say that they blew everybody's mind. The fury of their sound overwhelms an audience. It's like, "Oh, that's how it's done." Watching them practice a new song was a thrill and honor. I'm going to New York next week and will catch them again at the Mercury Lounge.

For me the ultimate surf gig was the Mermen Beach Party at the Coast Guard Station in the SF Presidio. This beach was between and in plain sight of both the Golden Gate and downtown SF. Sun setting, bonfires raging, surf and psych videos, and frolicking in the Indian Summer air. It was simply moving. - Ron

Dear Men....finally i got around to hitting your home page and enjoyed reading the tour stories very much. i was lucky enough to be in the US in last sept and caught your show at bottom of the hill in frisco ! ... i'll keep cranking up haunted house and AGLE ! good luck with the rest of the us tour ! - kp

The Mermen played here in Atlanta at the best music club in town, the Star Community Bar, on Thursday Feb. 8. The whole town was jammed fulla radio people all hanging here for the annual Gavin Convention (a schmooz-a-thon for industry insiders), and the legendary Star Bar had a HUGE turnout. It was my second Mermen show and I gotta say that I really groove on what they're doing, but their style deviates too far from tradition for my tastes - GREGORY NICOLL

went to the Mercury and saw the show - excellent. saw you all once before in SF in a bar/club - would like to know how to get more of your music on disc and when upcoming performances will be. - JB

The Mermen played in DC on Sunday, at a club where the headliner never goes on before midnight - and they didn't! As a result, there weren't very many people around - small crowd. But the Mermen overcame the bad vibes of the club (I hate that place - everyone plays shitty in it), and pulled off a roaring hour-and-a-half set. Their music really takes on another dimension live. It's like these guys have a pipeline to the Muses! Their sound was cleaner than the last time I saw them play, and their interaction was very tight this time around. I think they're able to mind-meld after so many shows together. Musically they excelled, bringing me to a brink of tears several times, and making my hair stand all over my body the entire show! Oooh! Where the real revelation took place for me was before the show in their dressing room and after the show wandering around the club. I have spoken with Jim last summer over phone for a while, and when I saw him walking around before the show, I went over and introduced myself. He immediately knew who I was, and dragged me into the dressing room. We chatted for about half an hour, during which time I also got to meet Allen. They both proved to be extremely warm and intelligent people, who were genuinely happy to talk with me. I was pleasantly surprised. They received copies of the new EP that day, and Jim gave me a copy of the CD for free - the less fortunate of you will have to wait until next week before the album comes out in stores. It's called Songs of the Cows, and it is wonderful! The opening song is called Curve, which was inspired by a Brit bliss rock band of the same name. Apparently, Jim gave it that title after our coversation about My Bloody Valentine and Curve last summer, two bands that we are both big fans of. The whammy-heavy guitar riff on it is somewhat reminiscent of some of Curve's better material. There is also a piece of sonic texture called I of the Moo, which is pure ambient music, in the style of Aphex Twin (or some old Brian Eno). I think it's wonderful that the band is willing to explore new sounds and territory. However, they also do what we've come to expect of Mermen - deliver great songs which never lose the surf foundations. There are several of those on the new album, which BTW I've been listening to continuously for last 48 hours, and still can't get enough of. Get it, and float into the eye of the cow! It was a real personal thrill when Jim dedicated Curve to me and Allen dedicated Lati'na to me, as a dedicated Cowabungan! I love these guys! After the show, I talked about the tour to Allen for a while, and to Jim about guitar effects! Apparently, the tour is going quite well, and they're almost halfway through. A new full-length album will not be coming out until October or so, due to the record label buying and releasing their catalog. So, look for all the Mermen CD's to soon be in every music store in America! Finally, I have to once again emphasize the gentlemanly qualities that both Allen and Jim demonstrated in huge quantities. Not only are these guys virtuousos (all my friends - about seven - that came with me were in full agreement on this), but they are truly humble, warm, kind people. Their music is simply a reflection of their qualities as human beings. No big heads here. I believe that it is a testament to surf music that such talented musicians made it the foundation of the most adventurous new music to have appeared anywhere in years. Let's continue giving them our full support - I can't think of anybody that deserves it more! - StratoCossack

Topic: Praise comment: From a landlocked surfer/Deadhead/musician in Philadelphia, all I can say is "Wow." I caught you folks at J.C. Dobbs - a couple blocks from my apt. Mermen rip! Come back to Phila. soon! Peace - Gregg

Wednesday night, the Mermen at the 40 Watt in Athens. ("Dick Dale meets Sonic Youth," the local paper capsulized. Why not "Richie Podolor meets the Jimi Hendrix Experience"?) I re-introduced myself to the band before the opening acts, and got quickly ushered into a dressing room by Allen for an interview with the roving reporter for _24 Hours in Cyberspace_. The Mermen set was intense but too short. But then, it was a sparse midweek crowd. Thursday night, Mermen headlining, at the Star Bar in Atlanta. Long, glorious set. The Mermen deftly mixed old and new material, pretty melodies and their astounding trademark psychedelic thunder. - Moon Dawg

Last night, I drove down to Burlington VT to catch the Mermen. The only way to describe the show is DON"T MISS THESE GUYS!!! I'm still on a buzz from their show. - Mel from the Mel-Tones

Hey, I'm Luis Mayo from Spanish magazine RUTA 66 and am just writing to let you know that I heard some songs from your LP and I think it's great! I've already emailed your management company to ask for info on the band and write sometihg about you guys. - Luis

Hey Guys, Just a note to say that you all are a huge hit here in Grand Rapids (at least among theose in the know...). Picked up Glorious Lethal Euphoria after I saw the ad in Spin; loved it so much that I put it on the prefered listening rotation @the bk-music store where I work. Turned everyone I know onto it. - anon.

yr yr new one--again blown away. Wondering if you all are planning to get to the MIdwest on yr tour. Anyways, I'll end this shameless thing. Keep that wall o'sound coming... Chris Scheil Schuler Bks & Music

i'm still recovering from the sound you guys made at the Bayou. it was one of the greatest shows i've ever seen. the music you play is what i hear in my head. it's a soundtrack for my confused life. if psychedelic music is mind expanding, the mermen have re-defined the genre. my mind was going warp speed at that show, only to be trapped in time. i've been waiting a long time to hear music like yours. thanks for being creative and making it. mermen rule. -bill.

Is there going to be kid's movie called "The Mermen Take Manahttan?" Will Martyn be played by Kermit? Earnie? Burt? What about you? or Jim? Or (Tom?) your manager? (the Count?) If Kermit plays you, does Miss Piggy play Leslie, and how would she feel about it? Or do the Muppets do a cameo as themselves and YOU play Dr. Teeth?? What would a Mermen cover of Spinning Wheel, with the blue guy playing saxophone, sound like? Cheers! Bill, still in North San Jose

Special message to Mermen on the Road requesting prompt instructions concerning disposition of one pair of medium size grey shorts found under upstairs bed at Mom's Bed and Breakfast in Easton, Maryland following raucous night of February 12. Owner may find that Orono temperatures may have adverse influence on vital orbs (jeweled spheres designating royal power) when traversing large drifts of snow without proper adornment. Expedite.

Topic: Question comment: Say, are any Mermen records available in LP format, and if so, where in the Oakland/SF area can I get them? Thanks, I enjoy the music very much. - Rudy Trubitt

Topic: This Web Site comment: Thanks for this site... It feels good here. - Eric

Topic: Praise comment: Deep admiration...beautiful songs dripping with oblivion...Good luck with the major sweat..Swell

Topic: Praise comment: "A Glorious Lethal Euphoria" is a wonderful CD for having momentous sex with my boyfriend. I am surprised no one has mentioned how conducisve it is to fornicating. The Mermen, mood-lighting and incense were all I needed to make Valentine's Day special. Thank you. - megan felt like dropping a line to tell you how great I think the album is...I play a little guitar myself...mostly older style "surf" stuff. Found your album to be VERY powerful....Makes me want to skip work & paddle out...Thanks for the fantastic work.......! - anon.

i really like mermen, i've never heard any surf music before your band. - aschleigh

Tell Jim that 2nd movement in track 7 (A kiss) is one of the most beautiful peices of feedback work I've ever heard. If no one else gets it, I certainly do. My wife and I made passionate love to that track. Unfortunately there was a big mess to clean up afterward, which kind of marred the experience, but that's not your fault. - mark

(4 stars. only john zorn's "Boys for Pele" beat that in this issue w/ 4.5.) "Less eco-romantic than humpback whales, perhaps, the Mermen's bovine reference leads to another brilliant rumination on what it might sound like to be swallowed by the depths of the Pacific-- with perfect waves crashing overhead and a power trio serenading your demise. On this seven-track, 35-minute CD, San Francisco's own Jim Thomas (guitar), Allen Whitman (ass), and Martyn Jones (drums) vary their approach from full-throttle hurtles (some call it surf) to languid reflections (space music for guitar-heads) in dreamy reminders that some musicians can glean extreme sensuality from the tools of hard rock. (Derk Richardson)SF GUARDIAN 2/21/96 MICROGROOVES section of GROOVES

very cool MERMEN home page - anon.

hi! caught your show at the mercury lounge in nyc, enjoyed it much!! especially dug what must've been the loudest, baddest bass sound on earth. - anon.

Topic: Praise comment: hey guys, I caught your show at the Brighton Bar in Jersey in Feb. Ibought Krill Slippin at the show. A few days later Ifound your live album and bought that,too. So all Im missing is Food for... One more thing I'd like to tell you. Ever since my favorite band, The Verve, broke up, you guys have taken up the slack. The Mermen are my #1 band. And I think you guys should check out The Verve. Spacey, psychedelic rock. Later. - marc shea

The Mermen Live at TT & The Bears, Cambridge Ma - by Pat Ludwig

It was about midnight and about 15 degrees outside when The Mermen hit the stage at TT & The Bear's in Cambridge Massachusetts last night. TT's is a little club around the corner from another of the area's top clubs, The Middle East. Smaller than The Middle East, TT's specializes as a venue for local bands. Three local acts, Eight Ball Shifter, Bald Guys, and The Cheater Slicks had already worked thru their sets and had left the packed house restless, noisy, and hungry for more. It was busy for a Sunday night, but the prospect of snoozing late on the President's Day holiday the following day brought out the college-crowd and wage-slaves alike. Jim, Allen, and Martin opened with a cover of the classic "Quiet Surf" which drew the noise level of the crowd down with it's slow and slightly sad beauty. After the high-decibel punishment of the earlier bands, the pristine tone of Jim's guitar work caught the crowd with it's collective mouth open, and the buzz level dropped considerably as The Mermen got down to business. Mixing it up with selections from their second studio release "Food for Other Fish",1995's "A Glorious Lethal Euphoria", and the new EP "Songs of the Cows" which is due out next week, The Mermen tore thru an hour-plus set playing to an enthusiastic crowd until halted by the 1am Sunday night local curfew. Highlights of their set were inspired versions of "Scalp Salad" and "With No Definite Future and No Purpose other than to Prevail Somehow..." from "A Glorious Lethal Euphoria" and the dreamy and beautiful "Meandher" from the upcoming "Songs of the Cows". Earlier that evening, the band had enjoyed dinner and local hospitality provided by local band favorites Morphine and their manager Deb Klein. Sharing road stories and hearing about the highs and lows of Morphine's early days and Mark Sandman's earlier band Treat Her Right. After leaving Boston, the band will be playing tonight at Club Toast in Burlington Vt, tomorrow night at Granny Killam's in Portland, ME, and then concluding their swing thru New England Wednesday at The Ocean Mist in Matunack, RI.

Writing a quick little note to say how much I enjoyed the show I just saw in Portland, Me. I am the guy (Nic) from Sweden that works for Outward Bound. I have been telling all my friends that they have to go see this band. I preface it with that they are REALLY loud and hard, but then i listen and the music is kind of mellow, but then all of a sudden, you realize that it has just kind of crept up on you and the place is rocking-I guess that this has something to do with the ocean/waves/surfmusic? There were two full beer glasses that got knocked over by the loudness the other night. They were placed fairly squarely on the table, but they slowely danced right over the edge, while I could feel the bass inside my body. God, I am rambling when I just wanted to say thanks, - Niclas

I work in an Operating Room, & the album is a hit there too! I work as an RN in a surgical operating room. My specialty is Orthopedics and Neurosurgery. Really interesting stuff.... of course the ortho docs are the guys who dig on the Mermen! - anon.

Hello. I just recently bought your album "A Glorious Lethal Euphoria". I had been looking in record stores for a while before I came across it in the recent arrivals section of a large cd store. I bought it used (sorry that you don't get any money). I was very impressed with your ability to mix surf, ass kicking, and mellow guitar music all in one. Jim Thomas, you are a great guitar player. I was woundering what kind of equiptment you use (right down to the gauge of your picks). I was also woundering if you are going to or have ever attended The National Guitar Summer Workshop in California this year. Thanks for a great addition to my collection. - John Skinner

Topic: Question comment: Hello Mermen and Tom Makris. I enjoyed the show in Boston (TT & Bears) and it was cool to meet everyone. The UConn radio station is giving you guys air-time lately. I'll call in to request more. You've got a fantastic web site. - Ed Deveney

Love your new disc-keep up the great work. - JR

Topic: Praise comment: awe and admiration. okay. I was too busy acting cool last night because the Love of my Life was there with me. However: one amazingly kick-ass show at the Magic Stick last saturday. I was amazed. I was astounded. AND one of youze from Jersey. Cool. Please come back and ass-kick again. Thanks. - Jonathan.

I have given Songs of the Cows a good listen and have useed it several times on the radio. You guys have out done yourselves. I was under the impression that you were younger. Let me qualify this... When I heard Glorious Lethal Euphoria, I thought that there was such a good grasp of and a total melding of Surf, Psychedelic and Alternative sounds, that I was surprised to find people my age grasping concepts, usually found in a younger band. And to your benefit, resulting in flowing sounds and wafting melodies, with an gripping energy. On my side of the stage everything sounded eargasmic. Sounding good live is the sign of a truly good band. A Glorius heavier in an alternative vein than my tastes usually run, however it is very impressive none the less. That is not to say the entire album is so oriented. I want to compliment the ability of the group to traverse to different musical styles and maintain cohesiveness. - Dominick Dell'Erba

Cows is a damn gggreat album!!! - Kurt

I have a "Mermen01" aol account. I was listening to the Mermen at the time I signed on with aol. I don't put a lot of thought into system names, and that was the first one that came to mind - Mark

Its VERY COOL! I rememeber you playing Curve at the KFJC event in November. I actually think the sudio version is better, or maybe just can hear the lovely nuance of the drumming- the acclerating rolls in the A part of the melody and the big soft cymbal splashes are georgious. Are you playing the Thunderbird on Slipping The Glimpse? Its a WAY powerful, Bass At The End Of The Universe sound! Varykino Show is right into the groove, oh man! :) If Bach had written surf music... Overall the sound picture is lovely, and the harshness of Glorious Lethal Euphoria is (thankfully) missing. Not that there aren't big noises :) But they're big noises I *like* And the end of Meandher (sp?) where Jim's off in feedback heaven and you're carrying the melody is priceless! Brain Wash and Varykino Show both remind me, without being derivative, of the first Andy Sumers/Robert Fripp record, I Advance Masked. Its the use of the guitar playing strict time, almost like chamber music. The formal sweetness of Jim's playing goes to places Fripp hints at but seldom stays with. And much as I admire Fripp, I *HAVE* all of your CDs... :) And the guitar tone in Brain Wash is wonderful. Hope the road is treating you well! All the best! - Bill (wabott)

Hello, I posted to the following post.

I just saw the S.F. based band the MERMEN this weekend here in Orono, Maine. >They are a superb trio of pyschedelic surf instramentalists. Please go see >these guys if you can, they are REALLY into sound and they play chrystalline, >beautiful, washy psychedelic jams. All they do is jam, no words. They've >also been together for about 7 years and their songs have repeatedly been at >the top of local S.F. college radio station playlists. They are tight.

They are playing at Granny Killiams in Portland ME on tuesday the 20th. Go >see them, I cannot say enough about these guys.

Oh yeah, if anybody is REALLY interested, I'll make tapes of my soundboard >copy of last weekends MERMEN show (two 100's) for the best three grovels for >this tape. I love and respect a good grovel immensely.

I have two people that responded, a nice woman in Tempe Arizona and a nice guy from St. Louis. I trust people on this newsgroup to not go out and make copies of shows for profit. As a matter of fact, they will prbably disseminate the live material in an efficient and tasteful way. *always with a trade of course* - Dave Magyar

I listened to this record its OUTSTANDING! If you have low draw or are driving people away at the shows it can only be one of two reasons. Either you are too loud (people I have taken to your gigs often say: "God they are great musicians but they were SO LOUD".) The only other possibility could be that something is fucked up with the publicity machine. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS MUSIC. It is ORIGINAL AS HELL and SOUNDS EXCELLENT. I am proud to be one of your AGING NERD GROUPIES. -Mark

Dudes: Chris Richardson here. I first saw you in D.C. at the ol' 9:30 Club at the firm insistence of fellow Mermen-phile Bill Hanke. One hell of a show: Mermen & Man or Astroman Eye & mind opening instrumental experience. Since that fateful evening, I've been turning others on to your cool vibes, man. Thanks.

Thanks! That was a good show. It was the best damn show I've seen in a LONG time. I think I was one of the few people there that knew who they were. They opened for some ska band, which I didn't stick around for. The Mermen blew my mind. - Reilly Lambert

Topic: Other comment: Hi. I'm Allen's little cousin and the only surfing I do is here because I am at school in CT. I love your music. - Mary Elizabeth

Topic: Other comment: Hey Mermen, Congratulations! Based on the strength of "Food for Other Fish" and "Glorious...", you absolutely became my number one favorite band, perhaps of all time - but that's too far off to say for sure. Since you were so kind to provide this forum, here's a few thoughts... 1. Congrats on the BAMMIE nomination for best band. I was surprised that any of the boys weren't subsequently nominated in their own categories (i.e. Jim for best guitarist). Next year. 2. Why isn't the band slated to play at the BAMMIES themselves? Hopefully, they will bail on the random visits to colorado bars and come home to showcase themselves the one time annually that LA record producers decide to grace us with their presence. 3. The WWW site is the best I've seen for a band anywhere. Kudos to the designers. Well organized and cool stuff like the road stories that I've not seen elsewhere (just lame attempts). Also, where are the "Cool links" you typically see? Phil Dirt is included (as he should be) but buried in the merchandise stuff. I'm sure the band has interests that could be showcased here. 4. The posters on the website were AMAZING!!!! Can you include copies of these as part of the Merchandise available on the Web? I've already picked out a few favorites and will try to track them down independently. 5. I'm sorry to say but I got my first listen to the new COW CD today and I thought it wasn't up to your standards. Sounded like you're trying to escape the surf sound into something that is random, indiscriminant and non-appealing. Thrown together to "get something out" while you're hot. Bad move. Maybe it's me. I'm off to listen to it another dozen times to see if I "get it". If not, I write this effort off like all the great groups that miss one (remember Elvis Costello's "Almost Blue"). Desparately looking forward to your next effort and local Bay Area tours and KFJC promos. Sincerely, -

I've been trying to recruit as many people as I can to come to the show, so I hope it goes well. I don't know how you guys can play so many shows. Hopefully there will be some hotties at O'Cayz, a lot of the snowboarder groupie chicks should be coming. Let me know if you need a place to crash or else I'll see you at the show. Later - Steve Somerfeld

Topic: Other comment: Wow! I did not know that Allen turned into a "lead singer" and Mermen into a vocal band (according to cyber24 of course). Oh well, I guess you have to take publicity with its mistakes. Good luck to the rest of your tour and I hope that BAM gives you that award so that you will come back soon (yes yes I picked up the ballot and voted for you). -- Stefanos

This is Dean from Maryland. I saw your group and spoke with you for a minute at The Bayou in Washington, DC. I told you I had a good story about how I heard of you guys. Here goes: I have a good friend (Mike Sims) who lives in Half Moon Bay, CA. He lives across the road and up the hill a little from Mavericks. You know, the place that Jeff Clark made famous and where Mark Foo ate the big one. Anyway, from Mike's front window, you can see the radar antenna straight out there. So we went surfing up and down the coast there and he starts telling me about this place, Mavericks. He tells me that there is a really good film that was made there called, "Heavy Waves". Let's go to this surf shop and get a copy. We went to this surf shop where I bought a copy and took it back to Maryland. I started watching it and WOW! The WAVES!!!! And then, after about the 3rd time of watching it, I started hearing the music. I told my girlfriend (who was with me at The Bayou), listen to this. It was "Madagascar". I started watching the movie to hear the music. A few months later I was back in CA staying in Half Moon Bay with my friend and attending some computer convention in San Jose. I stopped in a music store and tried to buy some of your music but I was unable to. Got home to MD and called Tower Records (a big store) and asked them. They said, "No", they didn't have it but call 1-800-ask-tower. I called the number, and they said, "Don't know, but we'll try...". About 6 weeks later "Live at the Haunted House" comes in the mail. Three days later, "FFOF" is there! Since then, I've been turning my friends onto the music. I made a tape and sent it to WRNR 103.1FM in Annapolis to a guy named, "Bob Here". He loved it so much that he called someone in CA (he thought it was your manager) and started asking about FFOF. He finally told the guy that he was a disc jock and he wanted to play it on the station. 2 days later, in comes FFOF! Now he plays it all the time. Anyway, I just thought I'd pass this story along, hoping you'd enjoy it. Hope all is well with you guys and also hope the tour is all you hoped it would be. C'ya, Dean

Cows is REALLY great!!! - anon.

You guys are inspirational. - Tom i just got "a glorious lethal euphoria" and i'm loving it. i live in abilene, tx and me and my brother and some of my friends just started a Surf band. its hard playing surf music. but you guys are my inpiration. thanks! - micah

Hi, Just listening to your disc "a glorius lethal euphoria", which I bought at Amoeba. I like it. We'll see how well it wears; often what I like at first gets old quickly, and vice versa. If you have a emailing list for your live shows, please put me on it. Cheers, brianb

I hope the sub zero temperatures didn't cool you guys off in Chicago!! Thanks again for the great show, it confirmed to me how good you guys are, I wish I could do it once a week. Well I must go to bed now, I'll get some extra rest for you!! - Laurence

hey guys, I just got A GLORIOUS LETHAL EUPHORIA today and after I heard it I automatically had to write. it is great. I had to see if you guys were coming to buffalo ny or that area. I also write for a fanzine and would be interested in an interview or something. write back. thanks, - Kevin

I was wondering what type of guitar Jim Thomas uses. I'm considering buying an electric guitar (I only have an acoustic now) and really like his guitar's sound, particularly on "The Goodbye". Any information would be greatly appreciated. Mahalo. Sincerely, - Kent

Hi, my name is Joel C. Ugay. I got your CD a week ago and it is good. Surf rock is good. How'd you guys learn to play surf? I'm practicing to do that palmed E chord thing. You know, when you play fast and go down. Well, hope your Cd sells and stuff. I really liked the fast songs. - Joel

missed you in atlanta, but i will get to see you at SXSW. can't wait, the new disc is great, turned several people on to it. see you in texas - sb

Allen, I guess that you guys are imagining the OR to be much more stuck up than it is! We rip it up in there...(as appropriate.) when we do total joint replacement, the doc's ask me for something " Hard and Fast". So "Pulpin' Line" has become a "standard".. We listen to alot of Ramones, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi and sometimes I even crank up The Buzzcocks. If things are getting "hairy" we obviously tone it down a bit, but alot of the doc's are in the 30's like me, and a few are surfers also, so we have a blast at work..Thanx for the note...Good luck on the road.... Jeff aka Surf Nurse!

I heard one of your new songs on KXLU's "Surfwave" last night and it sounded great. I can't wait to get the whole album - Ben

You guys have two cd's out, right? My favorite song on the cd is Brahms 3rd Movement 3rd Symphony. That song is so relaxing and the guitar sounds like it's trying to tell a story. I read in an article in a guitar magazine that you guys use 20! pedals when you perform live. WOW! I don't even have a pedal. If it is true about the 20 pedals, what kind of pedals are they? - Joel

Hello - This is actually for the entire crew (Allen, Jim, Martin, Leslie, Roz, and Mark). Thanks a zillion for everything on Friday night. I mean really, you guys (and woman) went totally out of your way for me and made standing outside in the cold waiting and waiting and waiting worth it. Honestly, I really felt like part of your entourage, and I'm not just saying that, my girlfriend will attest that I spent from the time she picked me up until just five minutes ago gushing about it! Also, you have to tell Jim that he ought to be a spokesperson for the Oberhiem company, I totally fell in love with the Echoplex and am now wondering what bank to rob so that I might come up with the $476 for the unit, $76.00 for the foot controller, and $30.00 for shipping! Hanging out with your band, talking to you all, and breaking bread with all of you (Sorry Allen, it had to be said!) really gave me a lot of hope for my own musical aspirations and killed the myth of how nasty bands can be on tour. Really, I totally apreciated everything that you all did to make me welcome, and not make me feel like I was in the way. (in a way sappy tone) I am forever proud to wear the MERMEN on my back!! Thanks a lot, - Todd p.s. This may not acuratly convey everything I meant to say as I am at a bit of a loss for words, but I hope you get the general idea. Hope the rest of the tour goes off without incident!

Topic: Praise comment: I just saw your show last night in Madison, Wisconsin. As Jim pointed out, most of us hadn't heard of you. Well, have have now AND HOW!!! The show will be remembered. One day when I was around 8 years old, it was raining outside and I was shut-in the house. Somehow I ended up rummaging through my dad's records. The Jimi Hendrix Experience's "Are You Experienced?" caught my eye because of the record cover. I dropped the needle down and it landed in the middle of "Third Stone From The Sun". I remember this vividly because I had never heard anything like it and it held me entranced for what seemed like an eternity. It was where,unconsciously, I came to understand music as a path to transcendence. It gave me a new way to view and address life. Last night, you gave me the chance to go back to that basementyoung and amazed. Thank you so much. I've needed that for too long.

Topic: Other comment: Jimbo, Allen & Martyn: How the hell is it going on that lonely road? We miss you guys!!! No DEADLY and/or melting intrumentals to lose ourselves in Crystalline Sound. Now that we're FINALLY online, I will be much better at communicating on a semi-regular basis. I don't have the Soundcard hookup for another week or so, so I can't sample any of the "songs of the cows" EP. More on that later. Anyways, what's been the largest crowd so far? The smallest? So far, as a whole, would you say the tour is going more Positive or Negative? You know I never mince words, so you will always get either: Deserving Praise or Critical Rock Analysis!!!!!! Honest over ALL & EVERYTHING! i'll wait for a response & get back to you then. Till then..... Break a leg & GOOD LUCK!!!!! - Ed

finally, I hav some time to write people. The show in Cleveland was great. I left after you guys played. I'm not really into ska. There was a review of the show in Scene Magazine of the show. It was a good review. They described you guys as one of those bands that came into town and blew everyone away. I can send you a copy of it if you want. I think Scene is now online, so maybe there it's there. I try to find the address of their website and what not. After the show I came back to Kent for an uneventful night at the bars here. Everyone I saw that night I babbled on about how good the show was. Only most of them didn't know who I was talking about. Well, I have to write some other people and eat. take care - Reilly

You pansy. Geez. The unhinged fan with a license to handle explosives and a father in law who served in the army of the worst tyrant who ever lived has you quaking under the bed of your $40 night motel. Are you a man or a mouse? Next time you find yourself in a cramped studio on a junior college campus with a bunch of cheap taiwan ray guns and jingle bells and collegues screaming stuff about "Amber, Brandy, Mandy and Sam", and reading from animal husbandry books, remember one thing, Mr. Rock and Roll-a-saurus: "Society is to blame"

Jim, Allen &Martyn, Congratulation The Mermen won the BAMMIE for Outstanding Independent Album for "A Glorious Lethal Euphoria". Very cool and Les Claypool presented it, Rock on Rock Gods. - Chris & Tom

Hello, greatings from the wonderfull (and amazingly fucking cold) state of pennsylvania. Which happens to be the state that created and first used parking meters. Just thought you might want to know who to blame next time you get a ticket for parking at an expired meter. Anyway, I got your adress from your C.D. glorious lethal euphoria which I bought as a shot in the dark and got lucky since I like it so much. (which is good since I got burned on the last 2 C.D.s I bought without knowing much about them, supersuckers, and joykiller, don't get involved with either, it gets ugly.) Anyway It's supper trippy music, especialy good for playing chess. Let me know if you folks have anything else available, C.d.s, T's, whatever. Incedently what does Quo me cunque rapit tempestas, deforor hospes mean? Write back if the mood strikes you. Liberavi animam meam, - Justin R.K. Fitzsimons

Hi, My name is Rob. I'm the guitarist in a vermont based highschool age band, called Bronson!. We consider surf guitar music a big influence and we all really enjoy listening to your stuff. I'm just e-mailng to let you know that if your ever in the vermont area and need an opening band or whatever we would jump at the chance. Thanks a lot and stay cool. Peace, Love and Soul - Rob Cartelli

Hey Allen, Your picture (you on the john w/ your lap top) is in this week's edition of Editor & Publisher (p35). The caption says your the lead singer...The lie heard round the publishing world! - Joan

Hi Allen, Jim and Martyn! So, the show is on Sunday and a devote worshipper of yours is on his way. After work, Dan came over to my house and played the guitar while I packed some chinguines ("thingys" in spanish). I'm in the process of preparing to move this weekend. He strummed and strummed and became more and more bummed. He started talking about his friends out there in Colorado and then stopped himself..... This was going to be a miserable weekend without being able to go on the trip! This morning, on the way to work, I asked if he could make it there on $140.00. He said "Yeah, probably." but still had no hope for it as a reality. I handed him the $140.00 and told him he had better go NOW! He was ecstatic beyond belief!! I know that he will have THE TIME OF HIS LIFE or at least something as comperable....... So, he will drive non-stop the 1550 miles to Breckenridge (SP?) and see you on Sunday. (Please don't cancel the show!!!!) My only request of Dan was to get me a shirt. I saw someone wearing the brown "Sure glad I didn't step in it!!" when I went to The Winter Swell. I liked that one a lot! It would be really cool if you guys could sign the back of the shirt, (if Dan even approaches you!). The Mermen have been present in the interactions between Dan and I since day one (over a whole month ago! Whoopee!) He has nothing but COMPLETE ADMIRATION for you! I don't know if Dan is more my friend, my (soul) brother or my lover, but I hope you treat him right.... Thanks for the time! Sincerely, (A new admirer) - Entonces! (Heather Marie Shelby)

Topic: Praise comment: Saw you for the first time at the Bluebird in Denver Friday, 8 March. I had high expectations and you guys definitely delivered. I'm actually going to be interviewing you today at KGNU-Boulder and am definitely looking forward to that. Anyhow, just wanted to check out the web site before meeting you. - Joel

I saw you guys play in Madison a few weeks ago and just wanted to tell you the show was great. If you ever feel like someting a little different you should come and play at the University of Calgary. I think we'd be a better crowd than the people in Madison. I know that Jim surfs, but do you snowboard? There's some of the best in the world right here in Alberta. Anyway, like I said, you guys were great in Madison. - Dave

Topic: Praise comment: Hey Mermen! Just wanted to tell you how much I love your music and how happy I am for your success. I first heard you guys a few years ago when my buddy's roommate was playing your tape. After that I looked all over for anything from you, even called up Kelptone but couldn't find anything. Finally, you played down here at the Club Lingerie so I came, was awed, and proceeded to buy all your available tapes, stickers, and a T-shirt (the black one). Flash forward - September, 1995 - "Glorious Lethal Euphoria" is coming out on Mesa/Atlantic! Boy, was I stoked because I work for the distribution company (Warner/Elektra/Atlantic) and I got to help in turning record stores and the general public) on to your music. I just heard "Songs of the Cows" and I love it. Anyway, thanks for the cool music and I hope it won't be long before you rule the world! To The Mermen! I am writing to you in regarding a friend of mine, and YOUR BIGGEST FAN! No, "Fan" is too quaint a word..... He worships you (Jim) and curses you daily for being bestown with the Gift he MOST desires!!! His admiration of all you Mermen is almost of mythical proportion. I am "The Girl". He and I are co-workers here at Seagate Technologies. I could give you the whole rap of over brief and clandestine affair, but I won't. He's proven to be a good friend while I myself have been going through COMPLETE INSTABILITY. The ONLY THING Dan has been looking forward since even before I've been hanging out with him is SEEING THE MERMEN in Colorado!!!!!!! Unfortunately, he's been working his ass off on a project, completed it on time and has been CHASING the money due to him for over a month now.....!! I guess I just want you to know that SOME people are very devoted to your music and will go to any measures to see you live.... He was even planning on hopping trains to get there, FOR YOU! (He might even be on one now!)I know he's looking for two of your albums, (He has "Songs Of The Cows" and your first????). At any rate, IF he makes it to the show on Sunday, his name is Dan Marshall. (He'll be the one drooling.....) As far as I am concerned, you music has carried me through some pretty rough days over the last few weeks. Thank you for the serenity and just being great musicians! - Heather

Hi Guys, I just was looking at your web page and have to say it was one of the best I've seen, - David H Wright (one fan who wishes you'd come to Canada, or at least somewhere close)

Hey Guys, I just picked up your new disk, "Songs of the Cows" yesterday. As usual, it smokes. Thanks for the tunes. I've been wearing the Shittone Records T-shirt around town and have had lot's of folks stopping me to talk about The Mermen, so I expect to see a great turnout tonight. - Charles Suqi

Topic: Praise comment: Great Fuckin' web site!!!!!!!!!!! I was in the middle of emailing you guys at when I realized I had never done a net search for your stuff. Your site may be the best I've seen so far (give credit to whoever deserves it). I was very happily pleased. If you could, I'd really appreciate it if you'd throw my name and address on a mailing list. Also, if any of you guys happen to run into Grant Washburn anytime soon, please tell him that his cousin says hey and give him credit for making about 2 dozen Mermen fans out of me and all of my friends in Virginia (I just moved to Mem.). Peace & keep up the good work - People who like good music really appreciate your work. - John Pullen,

Topic: Praise comment: Hey Guys! Picked up "Songs for the Cows" the other day -- and love it! Also thought the blue vinyl was real cool. Keep it up...and make sure you come back to Miami soon. - Todd Ellenberg

Topic: Other comment: some surfer friends from wisconsin (that's lake michigan) recommended you. i caught your show in chicago march 2. wow. still have songs in the cd drive on my computer. your show was able to transport me to the ocean, the cd does almost as well... will hope to check you out next time i'm in san fran. it was an amazing show (usually i reserve that comment for the dead or sonic youth). see you around

Topic: Question comment: I picked up "A Glorious Lethal Euphoria" because people said it sounded like Dick Dale and Sonic Youth. I hear all that, but it really reminded me of an OLD San Francisco band - Quicksilver Messenger Service. First heard of you two days after you played J.C. Dobbs. Come back to Philadelphia! Take care, Jon

Phil Dirt breaks his neck to make it all work out. HIGHLY recommended that all nominate him for the presidency. He played some Mermen recordings [live in KFJC's studio] which are basically incredible. =B=

Mermen ....................................Songs Of The Cows B Coming 6 months 'er so after their last one (A Glorious Lethal Euphoria) this particular honing down pops up in the mail box. Below I've detailed a general blab about their particular style of flap that cut across their three cds. this one veers toward the austere and slow so much so it could be velocity matched with a turtle with a broken leg sobbing about his state of being. Thusly the last parts a four part suite (I'm not kidding) pretty much bearing out the progressive rock tag that got clipped on their ear the last time they were reviewed in Moo. Please realize it doesn't have anything to do with Yes, ELP, Genesis axis and a lot to do with the tittle cut of The Butterfield Blues Bands, "East-West", an astonishing blues modal yodel that played out all the good parts of Jeff Becks experimental sideways tunings not used in the high energy garage setting. Agent Orange this is not. Wish they had some more of that trad surf punch on this but thats not where they live, so mebbe I'll go out and buy a Halibuts record and listen to 'em both.

The Mermen use the sky/surf/twang base of D.Dale and Link Wray and pull it through knobby power-trio moves congruent with Jeff Beck, Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Johnson and vaguely Eastern sounding scales that have a sliding back wards feel to 'em. The actual playing doesn't roam as far as those names suggest but you do get the feeling they may bust out "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly", "Bolero", or jazz standard "Caravan" whenever. While the melodic surf-boogie never gets difficult in an English art rock way it does remember those baroque classical lessons Ma hired notable avant-guarde wacko Henry Kaiser to give you that summer after 11th grade when you got that good pot. They're also not shy with the ballad/slow dance tempos. There is a history of surf influence amoung the west coast that stretches out from its hi-energy dance band roots. The Minutemens "Cut",Fatso Jetsons,"Von Duece" or "Gargle", Jody Fosters Armys "Pipe-Truck" (itself a collision between the half surf already Dead Kennedys "Police Truck" and surf classic Pipeline), The Lawndales, The Doors, and the careers (I've read) of Randy Holden (Blue Cheer) and Merrill Fankhausers (HMS Bounty,Mu) also have roots in the energetic and melodically adventurous time when surf/sky/drag roots busted into the psychedelic pop/blues/bluegrass/whatever fusion. I mean hey, Dick Dales waxed "Havila Nagalia", right? - Craig Regala

I had the good/bad fortune to be absolutely, jaw-droppingly floored by "Songs of the Cows" on saturday, the day AFTER the Austin, TX South by Southwest show at Scholz Garden. Any plans to return to Austin in the forseeable future? - Andrew Otwell

I got a new puppy and decided to introduce her to music by having her listen to "Raglan." At first it scared her and then it put her to sleep. And to think I almost named her Gidget! - Carol

I enjoyed my visit to your WWW site. Most enjoyable. Please could you send me the prices of your CD's. Is there a way I can purchase them using MasterCard? Sincerely, Leor Hardy 25 Maharal Tel-Aviv 62481 Israel

Jon: Thought Allen would like this compliment.--Michael Goldberg Steven McConnell wrote: mg, loved the road report today. really gave you the feeling of being there steve

When will the "Songs for the Cows" CD be available for buying? I'm psyched up for it. I need my Mermen fix. BAD!! Hang in there & don't get discouraged, no matter what a few boneheads might say. What you guys are doing MATTERS, AND you're the ONLY ones doing it. Later. - Mark

I pushed the 'Bass Boost' button on this little CD boom-box I listen to (with headphones) at work and OH MY! It's like sticking your head underwater or something - there's a whole WORLD down there that's different from inside it than from above! Best Regards, Bill

I'm so damned proud of you guys, I could get almost get a Mermen tattoo. - John

Hey guys! Been rippin' up the OR with "Glorious".... Listen to it almost every trip to San 'O... It really gets my jonesin' for waves! Then when I hear it at eyes glass over and I have a great flashback!,,, :) keep up the great music. The Surf Nurse.....Jeff

Hey Mermen.... A newly converted fan....caught up with you at SXSW....beautiful....I collect poster art...I have some truly rare Kozik's I would LOVE some psychedelic poster art of The Mermen....PLEASE!!!?!@!!!.. Thanks and good luck recovering from the road.... - GodClod

come back to gainesville (or jacksonville) it's on the same east coast as new york, just a *little* south... thanks, owen ps many congratulations for your bammie

Hey Mermen: I caught your show at the Bluebird last night. What was the deal with the roadie who kept fooling with the guitars and moving the one around that was never even played? Very distracting. Other than that, the music seemed mellower and more subsurface than before, even though a few frantics were leaping at the foot of the stage. Your music is changing and becoming more etheric, which is good - change is a positive reflection of advancement into something beyond. - Anton

To whom it may concern, Does anyone know where I can find TABs, songbooks, or music scores of the Mermen song? I'm afraid I haven't progressed to the point where I can figure the songs out myself yet. Thanks for any effort. - Kent Anderson

Bonjour, I've just got the CD... way cool... especially "Brain Wash", which is playing, right now, on my cd-rom... I really like those songs, depressive and positive at the same time. Even if the style is different, your songs makes me feel the same way I was feeling when, [when I was a kid :-)] I was listening to this wonderful "Cure" record "Seventeen seconds". I hope that your current success won't change you guys too much. Listening to you, in small clubs, is always the best...going back to Burning Man this year ? You fit there, you know ? - Eric

Topic: Praise comment: Greeting's from Kansas City! I happened to catch your performance at the Grand Emporium 'round here not long ago-I was UNBELIEVEABLLY impressed. I once was in an all-instrumental fusion-alternative rock group (which went nowhere), and seeing your stellar performance inspired my to attempt to resume my musical endeavors. I hope you will be making a swing through the KC area so I can see y'all again! - Greg

Topic: Praise comment: I saw you guys at SXSW in Austin . I was amazed to finally see you guys live. It was worth the long drive up from San Antonio. I was able to meet Martyn (great guy!) and bought a copy of the Haunted House CD (fuckin' amazing!). Songs of the Cows is an incredible EP. I hope you guys will be around awhile. Thanks, - Brian Parrish PS: KSYM, S.A.'s college radio, station has you'all in good rotation. ALL HAIL THE NEW RACE!!! THE MERMEN!

To: Mermen I finally managed to find the new EP. I liked the price. I liked the music even more. "Varykino Snow" (Intro adds a nice touch) and "Meander" are especially great. As for the upcoming show, you guys got a nice paragraph in the local free LA Weekly, trumpeting the band and the new release. The author however must have been dropped on his head as a child, as LA Weekly writers are wont to be, because he claimed that you are the surf band hated by surf fans, or some such nonsense. (He did say real surfers liked your music, so...whatever.) Looking forward to the show anyway. - /|\Ben/|\

Topic: Question comment: This is both praise and a question...since my CD player died, I had to get Glorious Lethal Euphoria on cassette tape, and no one in my area had it on I got a special order and after much waiting, it arrived today...I've heard bits of this album, but I just want to say what a great album it is! I hope Mermen will be back East again some time so I can see them... Anyway, my question is: if I send a self-addressed envelope to Mermen's address, can I ask for an autographed photo of them? I'd be real grateful for them honoring this request....thanks! - Ernie Mabrey

Topic: Praise comment: You guys are the world's baddest band. I hope you guys are around awhile.

Topic: Question comment: when will you guys be touring the east coast and the mid west? Okay, I think you guys are so tough and so does Ivan Brennan. Have you heard of Lunch Meat? They're an upstate instrumental band, kinda like you. They're looking for a record label, would Mesa be interested? - clay Send me tough stuff. "subscribe mermen-fans." Rock!

Topic: Question comment: will you be touring later in 96? i'm planning two weeks in san fran this spring, and two weeks in fall would like to plan around a show... thanks again for playing in chicago

i finally got to see you guys at the urban art bar. i walked in right when you began playing track two from your album, the song that is slow, with the long title, and goes something like E-D-F-C and then maybe goes to G. any way, you did a super slow version of it. i hope i didn't miss too much before i got there. you guys put on a great show. i hope sxsw went well and good luck with the rest of your tour. - stuart

I'm a little nervous because I did the ultimate thing, I leant my Mermen CD (Food for other fishies) to one of my faculty here at school. For me it's like giving a drug sanity, my earth grounder when I am working the Loooooong hours in my 5x7 hell hole, especially on weekends. He promised he would return it ASAP. I felt he needed a lift. - GH

Topic: Praise comment: Hi, Just a note to say cool webpage & great record! We've been playing it & reporting to CMJ for the last few weeks. Thanks - T

Subject: Wow. Dear Mermen, I recently saw you perform at a hole in Cambridge, MA called TT the Bear's. I want to thank you for that performance. A friend of mine turned me on to your music not too long ago, and I just wanted to tell you that I've never been so moved by a performance as I was that night. You not only played well, but your music drew me in to a whole new space. I felt that I was inside the music and it affected my mind, as well as being a physical experience. If this seems a bit bizarre, I apologize, but I just wanted to thank you for the music you make. Thanks! - MR