The Mermen
Audio & Video

Songs (pointer to IUMA)

Song Title MPEG Mono 15sec Excerpt Sun-AU Mono 15sec Excerpt MPEG Stereo Full Song MPEG Mono Full Song
121k 120k 4.07MB 3.06MB
The Whales (live at IUMAFest)
192k 128k 7.58MB 3.79MB
With No Definite Future and No Purpose Other Than To Prevail Somehow
190k 126k 6.50MB 3.25MB

Video clips

[Jim, Insane] [Mermen @ Making Waves '95] [Allen, Insane]
Jim Thomas (Martyn in background)
Mermen at Making Waves '95 in SF
9.5 MB
Allen Whitman

More QuickTime video clips are available from the MediaCast pages for the live broadcast from The Great American Music Hall.